The following terms and conditions apply to all offers, specials, advertisements, and forms on this website. Please familiarize yourself with them before making reservations, scheduling birthday parties, or booking stage time and rentals.

Scheduled time: The date and time agreed upon when a reservation is scheduled or rescheduled.
Ontime: Within Thirty (30) minutes of the scheduled time.
Complementary: Included with purchase or paid reservation.
Processing fee: The cost of processing digital translations.
Full Refund/refunded: A return of funds to the customer minus any and all processing fee charged for the electronic transaction.
Reschedule/rescheduling/Rescheduled: Moving the date or time of a paid reservation.
Rescheduling fee: A percentage of total reservation cost minus
any and all deposits (Example: 10% fee. $200-$50=$150. $150×10%= $15 fee)
Cancellation Period: The time from initial sale up until the termination period. During this time a paid reservation can be transferred, rescheduled or refunded.
Termination Period: Point in time after which a paid reservation can only be transferred but cannot be rescheduled or refunded. Rescheduled reservations may be subject to a fee.

Users of this site agree to only make reservations they intend to keep. Failure to arrive on-time may result in alteration or even termination of your reservation. If you need to reschedule your reservation please do so before termination period ends.

All reservations require a paid deposit to Mirza Lounge in order to be valid. Any reservation made with a third-party vendor, however valid at the time of purchase, may be rendered invalid if said third-party has not met term of an agreement. Such reservations made with third-party vendors are subject to revocation or termination at a managers sole discretion. In such cases Mirza Lounge is not responsible for loss or damages arising from third-party vendors. Please make your reservations directly with Mirza Lounge to avoid personal loss.

All reservations are subject to a cancellation period that ends 24 hours before Mirza’s doors open on the date for which a reservation is scheduled. After this period the termination period begins.

All reservations are subject to a termination period that ends two (2) hours before doors open to the event. After which time any and all paid deposits on a reservation become permanent and can only be refunded, transferred, or rescheduled at a senior manager’s sole discretion.

Rescheduling fee is 10% for normal reservation and 25% for all special offers such as but not limited to “free birthday parties”.

By law it is illegal for a business to give away, or even offer, free alcohol. For this reason, all free birthday party offers require the purchase of one (1) bottle of your choice in order to receive the included complementary bottle of Champaign.

Regardless of whether or not they are listed on your guest list, if you or a member of your party causes or attempts to cause; violence, altercation, personal injury, property damage, alcohol poisoning, illicit drug use, or any other crime on the premises or parking lot of Mirza Lounge, it is within the security and/or manager’s discretion to remove your party, in part or in whole, from the premises by whatever means necessary and in such a case you will not be entitled to a refund of any type.

If you have any questions or concerns with our terms and conditions please give us a call at 404-789-0153